Michael Kors – Stunning Dress Watches and More

In the world of fashion, especially women’s fashion, Michael Kors is one of the top brands that offers high-end fashion items such as ready to wear clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and much more. Folks keeping up with the latest trends in fashion would know that Michael Kors offers some luxurious and extraordinary looking products competing […]

Fossil Machine Black IP Stainless Steel FS4775 Men’s Watch

Before 1984, customers had only two choices when it came to choosing a wristwatch – either go for the cheap and unattractive watches or pay a bomb to get one of those stunning high-end watches. And then, along came Fossil which offered the consumer timepieces that were well constructed with quality materials, designs in tune […]

The Casio Story

As a kid growing up in the late 1980s, I used to have a tiny Casio calculator that seemed to be the lifeline for all those complicated calculations we had to do at school. To my young mind, Casio was synonymous with calculators. However, as an adult, net savvy individual I became aware that Casio […]

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic H70625533 Men’s Watch

Hamilton is an American watch brand established in Lancaster way back in 1892. Presently, since it is owned by the Swatch group, it is based in Switzerland. Reliable and stylish timepieces is what the Hamilton brand is all about – it is known for quality timepieces that feature excellent craftsmanship. The Hamilton brand is known […]

Citizen Promaster JY8085-81E Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Analog Digital 200M Men’s Watch


Citizen has created the Promaster series of watches keeping in mind the adventurous streak in you. It is a collection of professional grade sports watches with features applicable to a particular adventure sport. These watches offer the highest level of endurance and functionality. The Citizen Promaster JY8085-81E Eco-Drive Radio Controlled Analog Digital Men’s Watch is […]

Emporio Armani – Watches with Style and Fashion

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a well-known Italian fashion brand that makes ready-to-wear clothes and accessories that focus on the current styles in vogue. The collections are designed by the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani. Emporio Armani is in fact a sub -brand of Giorgio Armani. Wrist watches being an important aspect of the wardrobe, almost all […]

Hamilton Automatic Khaki King H64455523 Men’s Watch


From being an all-American watch brand, Hamilton is presently a full-fledged subsidiary of the Swiss brand Swatch. For the watch fans this is another option to pick up a “Swiss made” affordable timepiece. The Hamilton Automatic Khaki King H64455523 Men’s Watch has a distinct military bearing. More so because the hour markers prominently feature military […]