ICE forever small sili quartz 000123 women’s watch

Colourful, trendy and forever young was my first impression of the ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz 000123 Women’s watch when I first saw it on the wrist of one of my classmates at school. She flaunted it, and it matched her cool, chic dress admirably well.  The piece delivered a fresh vision in the world of fashion watches – I was totally impressed by the arresting – dare I say – personality of this watch. Yes, this watch has its own impressive style, it is one of those accessories that demands attention and gets it effortlessly too.

It didn’t look too expensive and sure enough, City Watches, the online store I checked it out with had a price tag of £87 after a discount. Well, some would say you could get a really durable watch like the Seiko 5 for about the same price but I loved the slightly funky look of the ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz.

ICE watches offer a rainbow of colours as I assumed from the line-up of colourful watches at the City Watches website. Due to their low-price range, fans of the brand can purchase as many pieces as they fancy; one to match each outfit, maybe? In fact, with the wide range of colours and designs available, customers can even start a collection.

Ice watches are generally not categorised gender wise allowing ladies or gents to purchase any of these timepieces depending on their style and colour preference. ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz Watch may be categorised as a women’s watch but it could suit a young lad just as well.

35 mm case diameter of the Ice Forever Small Sili Quartz was the perfect fit for my small wrists. The black polyamide case combined with a black silicone strap make the piece extremely lightweight. It is easy to read the time on this watch with the white luminous hour markers contrasting the black dial extremely well.

The dial is protected with a mineral crystal and the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters depth. It could withstand the occasional dip in the pool, but I don’t intend to try that. Ice Forever Small Sili Women’s watch is available in various colours, several of which were displayed here:    Although I got the black one, I am impressed enough by the beautiful hues to purchase another of a different colour.

Ice watches are extremely versatile accessories that add a trendy touch to your casual outfit. The brand is constantly offering new and fashion-oriented designs at highly affordable prices. Ice timepieces speak of quality and for the reasonable price, are well worth your money.