World Class Citizen Watches

Talk about the Citizen brand and the first thing that comes to mind is that the company makes the most reliable and reasonably priced watches you could find. In the competitive world of watch making, the Citizen Watch Company has created a great reputation for itself over the century. Remember, the Citizen brand was born in 1918 at Tokyo, Japan.

Perhaps the best-known fact about the Citizen Watch Company is that it is the creator of the famous Eco Drive Technology. Citizen has always strived to create timepieces using innovative technology and the Eco Drive technology is the most popular. Eco Drive uses any light source to run the watch. It is the foundation of Citizen’s business policy in the watch industry. Over 80% of Citizen products use this technology as of today.

Citizen brand has reached the pinnacle of success due to its ability to create extremely accurate and reliable timepieces. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Citizen manufactures everything in-house. All the parts and components used in the timepieces are made in their own manufacturing facilities in Japan. In fact, the machines making these components are also made in their own premises.  As such, Citizen is able to maintain strict quality control of its timepieces resulting in reliable, accurate and durable watches.

There is also the fact that the Citizen Watch Company’s automated assembly lines commissioned in the 1970s enabled the company to mass produce quartz movements that were the backbone of Citizen watches. Not all of Citizen’s watches come of automated assembly lines. Their high-end watch models are assembled by hand by a single expert watchmaker. These are master watchmakers who have more than three decades of experience in the Citizen watchmaking facilities. 

Inspired by all the illustrious history of the Citizen brand, I wanted to add another Citizen timepiece to my collection. The modern-day online marketplace is a convenient tool to get the things you want at the click of a button. Searching through several websites selling watches online I found a great Citizen timepiece here:  City Watches, UK offered more than 250 Citizen timepieces for men and women each selling at a discount.

It was a difficult choice but I picked out the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS CC3075-80E World Time Men’s Watch from the extensive line-up. The dark dial is perfectly highlighted with bright green accents for the hour and minute hands while the markers are in clear white. As is with most Citizen watches, this one too features the Eco Drive technology. This model from the Citizen’s Satellite Wave collection features satellite-controlled quartz movement powered by Eco drive technology. This amazing timepiece has other useful features like power reserve, world time, anti-magnetic, perpetual calendar, day and date indicator and water resistance – a true masterpiece from Citizen.