Seiko Velatura Diamond Watch SNDZ37P1: The ideal gift for ladies!

Seiko Velatura Ladies Diamond SNDZ37P1X-mas is around the corner and as always finding the right gift for your love ones is a headache especially for the ladies. Diamond rings, necklaces or earrings are already out of the list if you have used that option last x-mas or the last birthday. But still we know how much they love diamonds.

Why not try the new Seiko Velatura Diamond Watch. It gives a different perspective to diamond gifts for birthday and x-mas. This seiko watch will make an exquisite gift for the coming x-mas for your love ones. It is elegant and is masterfully designed with diamonds on the dial and bezel of the watch.

It is a medium size watch at only 36mm diameter and is extremely light and comfortable to wear. The diamonds are genuine and for your peace of mind, this seiko velatura watch comes with a diamond authenticity certificate.

This Velatura watch has a Quartz movement for accuracy and is packed with a Chronograph function. The dial color which is “mother of pearl” is attractive to the eyes although it is shadowed by the ring of diamonds on the watch.

This Seiko Velatura Diamond watch will make an excellent gift idea for ladies and will spare them from the usual boring diamond necklaces or earrings.

Casio Sea-Pathfinder SPF-60D-7A

Casio SeaPathfinder Depth Meter Altimeter Barometer SPF60D-7AVCasio keeps stunning us with new innovations and design. The latest masterpiece is the Casio Sea-Pathfinder twin sensor SPF-60D-7A. It follows the Protrek series but this model is equipped with a twin sensor compared to the standard triple sensors.

It is boosted with standard watch function and it rated as a reasonable water depth resistance of 100m. It is equipped with a barometer and depth meter but does also give temperature readings as well as altitude measurements.

This watch is perfectly contoured and designed. It separates itself from the standard look of the existing casio protrek series. It’s light to wear and makes a perfect gift for men.

Get a Casio Sea-Pathfinder SPF-60D-7A here today!

A review of Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Titanium Watch PRG-40T-7V

Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Titanium Watch PRG-40T-7VCasio Protrek watch collection falls in a specific category of watches solely designed for sports and adventurous people. They are totally different from normal watches and they are loaded with top-notch sensors and other gadgets.

Casio Protrek PRG-40T-7V is one among the protrek series. It has built barometer sensor, an altimeter, a temperature sensor and even a digital compass. These sensors come in very handy during your trekking trips or are great fun to play with when you are travelling across the country.

These sensors are really accurate and very reliable. What makes this watch more interesting is that the bracelet and case are made up of Titanium. As such, the big size of the watch is compensated and makes it very light and comfortable to wear.

This Casio watch also has the basic watch functions with electroluminescent background light. If you are into adventure sports and trekking, the Casio Protrek PRG-40T-7V is made just for you.

Check out more details on this watch here: Casio Protrek PRG-40T-7V

A review of Citizen Automatic Diver NY2300-09EB

Citizen Promaster Diver Automatic NY2300-09EBIf you are looking for a reasonably priced diving watch with just the right features then Citizen Automatic Diver NY2300-09EB is the model you are looking for.

Light and simple looking diving watch with a 200m water resistance rating, Citizen NY2300-09EB is quite a popular watch among novice and professional divers. It is fitted with the Automatic 21 Jewels caliber meaning that you will never need to change batteries on this watch. It automatically powers itself with the movement of your wrist.

It is generously designed with luminous markers and hands and it has a uni-directional rotating bezel. Fitted with urethane rubber bracelets, it offers a good and comfortable grip around your wrist.

Citizen NY2300-09EB Diver is simply an awesome watch to own and it definitely fits your budget.

A review of Citizen Aqualand Diver’s Watch BJ2040-04E

Citizen makes great diving watches which are affordable, good looking and loaded with lots of interactive gadgets. One of those is the Citizen Promaster BJ2040-04E. Compared to other popular diving watches this one is slightly thicker and looks different.

The citizen BJ2040-04E is an eco-drive watch which means it is powered by sunlight whether you are indoor or outdoor. Once it is fully charged it offers 180 days of power reserve which is quite amazing. Important note though, you must ensure your watch is fully charged before going out for a diving trip.

It does indicate you how much power is left so that you don’t spend your time tanning in the sun while waiting for the watch to be charged up :p

Other interesting functions from this watch are the analogue depth display during diving as well as a chronograph feature. Its case is made up of stainless steel and has a tough looking urethane rubber band which will definitely match your wet suit.

Citizen BJ2040-04E diver is here for you to grab.

A review of Seiko Automatic Orange Monster Diver SKX781K1

Seiko Automatic Orange Monster Diver SKX781K1
Seiko Automatic Orange Monster Diver SKX781K1

The Seiko Automatic Diver SKX781K1 famously known as the orange monster is one among the best value for money divers watches out there. It does not have complicated sensors to tell you depths data but it definitely looks great on the wrist when you go diving and you can boast about it with fellow divers during your diving trips.

Powered by the 7S26 Automatic movement, you won’t have the hassle of ever changing batteries as it is self-powered by the movement of your hands. It has a robust stainless steel look and compared to other watches it has a thick solid unidirectional rotating bezel.

The orange dial makes it stand out among other watches whether you are wearing it for leisure or for sport diving. It is generously fitted with luminous markers and hands and most importantly it has a 200m water resistance rating which propels this watch into the pro-diving range.

The Seiko Orange monster diver is definitely within budget.

A review of Citizen Aqualand Diver Watch JP2000-08E

Citizen JP2000-08ECitizen JP2000-08E diver watch is very popular among divers. It’s very simple to use and give accurate data during diving mode. It is equipped with a special depth sensor which goes live during diving mode. However, this does not mean that the watch will go into diving mode when you are washing your hands or when showering.

It is specifically designed for diving with a tough looking urethane rubber band and generous luminous markers and hands. The rubber bands offers good grip to your wet suit and your watch will never slip off ( Diver’s nightmare) while diving.
There are some cool features to the watch as described below:

-Water resistance: 200m

-Underwater Depth Display Down to 80 m.

-Up to 4 Depth Memory logs

-Depth alarm.

-Rapid ascent safety warning

-1/100 second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours

The Citizen JP2000-08E is a great diving watch to own. Don’t let it slip off your wrist get one now!