Skagen: Danish Inspired Watches

Affordable, accessible with minimalistic designs – these are just some of the reasons a Skagen watch should be on your wish list.  The Skagen story began in 1986 when Henrik and Charlotte Jorst moved to New York from Denmark to sell gift watches. They decided to bring fashionable watches within reach of the average consumer.

The couple set up the Skagen brand in 1989 producing sleek and fashionable watches with a reasonable price tag. The brand was named after a Danish beach town and the watch designs were inspired by the sea and rugged mountains. Ever since the first of the Skagen designs were showcased at a trade fair in 1991, the privately owned watch company has never looked back. After setting up markets globally in 2011, the company was bought over by the Fossil Group in 2012 and is today operating as its subsidiary. 

The Skagen watch displays clean and neat lines, the dials are uncluttered and hence easily readable. Another point in favour of this luxuriously designed watch is that they are thin and lightweight. I love how my Skagen Aaren Kulor SKW6589 Quartz sits so comfortably on my wrist. The Skagen Aaren Kulor timepieces come in a variety of bright colours, mine is blue. The blue dial is enclosed in a stainless-steel case housing a quartz movement.

The white Roman numeral hour markers and hands provide a complete contrast to the blue dial making the Skagen Aaren Kulor well readable. The separate dial on the lower half of the dial denoting seconds lends a nice touch to this elegant timepiece.  The fact that the silicone strap won’t get dirty and won’t pull the hair on the arm was another reason I picked out this watch from Skagen’s impressive line-up of timepieces.

Skagen watches are very versatile. Not only are they available in a variety of colours but they offer different options for the straps as well. Milanese bands, leather, steel mesh, silicone and even bracelet designs allow you to customise your watch.

Speaking of quality, Skagen watches are comparable to those offered by the Fossil brand. Prior to Fossil taking over, some Skagen models used the famed Swiss movements. The present day Skagen models however, use Japanese Miyota quartz movements to power the watch. The average consumer will find Skagen watches to be extremely pocket-friendly. These elegantly built timepieces are decent quality fashion accessories affordable to most buyers who desire to make a style statement.

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