Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph Automatic

Hamilton watches have been around since 1892 when the company set up factory in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The company was named after the founding father of the town, James Hamilton and started out by making pocket watches, namely the Broadway Limited pocket watch. These were highly accurate timepieces that quickly became popular with the railroad staff and was labelled “watch of the Railway”.

The Hamilton brand was reputed to make the most accurate timepieces which led the brand to become the exclusive supplier of watches to the American armed forces in 1914. During the First world War, Hamilton launched the first wristwatch, which again became extremely popular with soldiers and lay persons alike. It was now time for the Hamilton brand to take a new leap into the future market – the aviation sector which was beginning to thrive by the 1930’s. By World War II however, Hamilton went back to supplying watches to the military.

In the post-World War era, Hamilton introduced several new designs including the Ventura in 1957 and the first electronic watch with an LED display, the Hamilton Pulsar P22900 in the late 1960s. Over the years, Hamilton watches have made it to several Hollywood movies often becoming as iconic as the movie itself. Hamilton brand moved from the United States to Switzerland in 1969. Today it is a part of the Swatch Group located in Biel, Switzerland and makes quality timepieces ranging from automatics to quartz.

Several of the modern-day Hamilton watches rely much upon the original military watch designs. Hamilton Jazzmaster H32586511 Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch reminds me of the early 20th century America. It offers a vintage twist to the modern-day timepiece combining a truly American character and Swiss precision craftsmanship. The beautiful, classic design of the Jazzmaster Chronograph has clean lines making it a glamorous dress watch for special events.

The design elements of the Hamilton Jazzmaster are such that it would look good on any wrist.  The smooth curves and the gentle lines of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono are designed to appeal to those who love the classic tradition yet also look for innovation and practicality.

Each timepiece in the Jazzmaster range is created with the utmost care right from the planning designing to the selection of the right components to bring the timepiece into reality. Not surprisingly then, each Hamilton timepiece is a picture of perfect proportions, superb engineering and classic design that you find hard to ignore. It is easily the best everyday watch you could have that would as easily double up as a dressy option as well.

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