A review of Citizen Aqualand Diver Watch JP2000-08E


Citizen JP2000-08E diver watch is very popular among divers. It’s very simple to use and give accurate data during diving mode. It is equipped with a special depth sensor which goes live during diving mode. However, this does not mean that the watch will go into diving mode when you are washing your hands or when showering.

It is specifically designed for diving with a tough looking urethane rubber band and generous luminous markers and hands. The rubber bands offers good grip to your wet suit and your watch will never slip off ( Diver’s nightmare) while diving.
There are some cool features to the watch as described below:

-Water resistance: 200m

-Underwater Depth Display Down to 80 m.

-Up to 4 Depth Memory logs

-Depth alarm.

-Rapid ascent safety warning

-1/100 second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours

The Citizen JP2000-08E is a great diving watch to own. Don’t let it slip off your wrist get one now!

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