Why Us

Why us?

Excellent question! We are going to tell you why you should and then we are going to give you some reasons why you should NOT buy from us.

Why should you buy from us?

1. We are watch enthusiasts ourselves. We understand, love and respect our watches and will treat you equally well.

2. All our watches are 100% authentic, 100% brand new and never worn.

3. All our watches come with manufacturer’s limited 1 year warranty.

4. Your watch is shipped with its manuals and the original tag (with the serial number) in a standard watch box. The package is carefully secured prior to shipping.

5. You can count on our customer service, which is our top priority. We will provide you after-sales support for as long as you own the watch. We have detailed knowledge about the watches we sell, unlike other sellers who just want to sell and forget.

6. We accept payments by PayPal. With Paypal you as a buyer are protected by their buyer protection policy, so you can be assured of delivery of your purchase.

Why you should NOT buy from us?

1. You have never bought online, and have promised to yourself that you never will (even if it means you will starve in the near future when all the supermarkets go online-only). You will rather drive down to the nearest watch shop and browse their limited inventory and pay like twice the price.

2. You think all internet retailers are crooks. They take your money and never send you anything. If you are lucky, they will send you some rocks (that too not the smooth curvy kind)

3. You don’t like watches and don’t get it why would anyone in this day and age wear a watch. Since almost everyone carries a mobile phone, an ipod or something similar which can very well tell the time (and empower you to do some other cool things – like talk to your friend you have been avoiding for ages but inadvertently picked up the call not knowing who was calling. Or get lost in the beautiful music of some great band while driving or crossing the road in heavy traffic).

4. Your body tilts in one direction because of the extra weight of the watch on either of your hands (and makes you look plain weird)

5. You hate good customer service. You can’t stand it when your purchase goes smooth and there are no problems. Its drives you nuts when you get a great variety of watches to choose from, and go plain crazy when you end up saving a lot of money on your purchase.

6. You hate the postman. You will never accept a package from him. Even if he is saving you valuable time (and money) by delivering your purchase right to your doorstep.

If none of the above apply to you, then please go ahead and hit the ‘Buy’ button for a watch you like, for yourself or for someone special to you. And no, you will not receive rocks, you will receive a genuine watch nicely packed in its original gift box along with all the papers. And you don’t even have to leave your home.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ here.