Zeppelin – The Awesome German Watch


Named in honour of the talented inventor Count Ferdinand Grafvon Zeppelin, the Zeppelin watch brand offers a range of extremely well built, high grade watches. These German made wrist watches are inspired by the first aircrafts of the 1900’s that were trendsetters at the time. With Zeppelin, you have a wide array of men’s and women’s watches to choose from. Each timepiece is finely crafted with great attention to detail.

Depending on your choice you could opt for a Zeppelin 100 Years edition or the Zeppelin Series Flatline Automatic, the Zeppelin Series Hindenburg ED1, Zeppelin Graf Series or numerous other models of self- winding automatic or manual winding or quartz movement watch models. Almost all the watch models from Zeppelin remind you of those fine antique aircraft that created flying history.

Zeppelin Flatline Series stands out from the rest of the watch collections with its ultramodern look. Flat, slim, brushed stainless steel cases with dials of various neutral hues are attractive to those looking for understated elegance.  The Zeppelin Hindenburg Watch, named after the German commercial passenger carrier, have a unique shape that isn’t seen anywhere else.

The polished and brushed look of Zeppelin Watches cases are hard to miss. They symbolize a certain finesse that comes with all things antique. Owning a Graf Zeppelin ensures you hold a piece of history in your hands, or wear history on your wrist. The hand stitched genuine leather straps lend an old-world charm to these exclusive timepieces. 

Although the Zeppelin Graf Series of German made watches are reminiscent of the olden days, they do offer numerous useful features for today’s urban professionals. Retaining the classic look, Zeppelin models offer features like day and date display, chronograph, water resistant capabilities, luminescence, which are on par with any other modern-day watch brand.  In fact, all Zeppelin Watches have several features which make them a useful and functional accessory that only complements your style of dressing.

Reasonably priced at a range of 175 to 450 British Pounds Zeppelin German made watches are a great choice for someone looking for a classy but functional watch that would also serve as dress watch. The reasonable pricing and vintage look of the well-built Zeppelin Watches are their selling point. And of course, buying a Zeppelin watch shows that you have a refined choice. This is one for keeping up appearances.

The Zeppelin Men’s and Zeppelin Women’s watches have that retro-styled design which looks awesome.  So, it’s time to grab a great deal on Zeppelin Men’s and Women’s watches from Citywatches.co.uk, the premier online store in the UK. Check out the wide range of Zeppelin models on display at this store and find one to your liking. The ex-factory pricing with added discount coupons make it a sweet place to shop for your watch.

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