The Casio Story

As a kid growing up in the late 1980s, I used to have a tiny Casio calculator that seemed to be the lifeline for all those complicated calculations we had to do at school. To my young mind, Casio was synonymous with calculators. However, as an adult, net savvy individual I became aware that Casio also manufactures mobile phones, electronic musical instruments, digital cameras, cash registers as well as watches. Casio is a trusted Japanese watch brand, trusted because it has been producing superior quality watches consistently over decades.

Although the Casio company was founded in 1946, it forayed into the watch making industry only in November 1974 with the first electronic wristwatch called Casiotron. Over the years, Casio crossed many milestones in the watchmaking industry, perhaps the most notable of them being the manufacture of the Casio G-Shock in April 1983. The Casio G-Shock took the watch industry by storm – it was the world’s first shock resistant wristwatch.

Casio watches are extremely popular mainly due to being superior quality watches that are inexpensive. They also pack a punch in terms of features – you’ll find several useful and innovative features in almost every Casio timepiece.

This article would be incomplete without discussing the G-Shock, Casio’s most famous bestseller among all its collections. The biggest plus point of the G-shock is the durability factor – it is known as the watch that never breaks. It is the toughest watch in seven other aspects as well. It is said to be electric shock resistant, gravity resistance, low temperature resistant, vibration resistant, water resistance, shock resistance and overall toughness. Over the years, Casio has offered several variations of the G-Shock in different models.

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman Multi-band Atomic Men’s watch has some really impressive features and is top on the popularity list. Multi band atomic timekeeping, shock and mud resistant, low temperature resistant and so forth. It also features a digital compass, altimeter and a thermometer, an LED backlight, stopwatch and is 200 meters water resistant.

If you’re looking to own the Casio G-Shock Rangeman, head to the City Watches online store at Besides the Rangeman there are several other models of the G-Shock Collection that you might find to be an interesting purchase.

The other notable collections include the Casio Pro Trek and the Casio Edifice and the Casio Baby-G for women. The most affordable Casio watches come from the Casio Classic and Vintage collections. There is also the Casio Dress collection for those who need a watch for a dressy occasion.

Casio thus caters to every budget and every taste. There is a Casio out there for each one…after all they have sold millions of Casio timepieces worldwide and still going strong.