Seiko Velatura Diamond Watch SNDZ37P1: The ideal gift for ladies!


X-mas is around the corner and as always finding the right gift for your love ones is a headache especially for the ladies. Diamond rings, necklaces or earrings are already out of the list if you have used that option last x-mas or the last birthday. Seiko Velatura Ladies Diamond SNDZ37P1But still we know how much they love diamonds. Why not try the new Seiko Velatura Diamond Watch. It gives a different perspective to diamond gifts for birthday and x-mas. This seiko watch will make an exquisite gift for the coming x-mas for your love ones. It is elegant and is masterfully designed with diamonds on the dial and bezel of the watch. It is a medium size watch at only 36mm diameter and is extremely light and comfortable to wear. The diamonds are genuine and for your peace of mind, this seiko velatura watch comes with a diamond authenticity certificate. This Velatura watch has a Quartz movement for accuracy and is packed with a Chronograph function. The dial color which is “mother of pearl” is attractive to the eyes although it is shadowed by the ring of diamonds on the watch.

This Seiko Velatura Diamond watch will make an excellent gift idea for ladies and will spare them from the usual boring diamond necklaces or earrings.

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