Nixon Sentry 38 SS Quartz A450-2443-00 Men’s Watch


My firm in London employed a migrant of Asian origin. His role was to keep the office and toilets clean. It’s a job he did to perfection in fact, he was doing it for the past 19 years. I don’t ever recollect him asking me for any special favours. He came to office before everyone, completed his task and left before the first of the staff walked in. He was a man who the rest of the staff never saw but was just as important as any other staff.

So, when his 20th year of service was about to complete, I bought him a Nixon Sentry 38 SS Quartz A450-2443-00 Men’s Watch that cost my company £114. Its actual value was over £200 but this site here knocked the price down to just £114.

I was told Asians loved gold and anything gold toned. I’m not very sure if that information was correct but given that most of the World’s gold is sold in Asia, I’m guessing there’s probably some truth to it. Which is why I selected this particular watch.

Nixon Sentry 38 SS Quartz A450-2443-00 Men's Watch

You see, the Nixon Sentry 38 SS Quartz A450-2443-00 Men’s Watch is fully gold toned. Except for the white dial, the watch including the hour markers, the hour and minute hands, the case and the bracelet too are all gold toned. Gold toned but not garish. In fact, the watch is quite good to look at.

The watch is almost 4 cm across; so reading the time is quite easy. It is powered by a quartz movement circuit that uses a single small battery that should last a few years at least. It has a scratch resistant mineral crystal, a lovely white Dial with arrow like hour markers. Analog display and custom moulded hour and minute hands gave the dial a lovely look. It was also water resistant for up to 100 meters so, he could wear it to work and not be bothered about water or moisture getting into it.

Having purchased the Nixon Sentry 38 SS Quartz A450-2443-00 Men’s Watch, I had it gift wrapped and on the day Abdul Kader’s 20th year was to complete, I sent him a note asking him to wait for me.

The day dawned and as I approached my office, I saw him standing by my door. I asked him into my office, offered him a seat and enquired about his family and life in UK. Turns out that Abdul Kader is from Bangladesh and he still has a big family back in his country.

While we were chatting, my staff assemble just outside my cabin. I asked Abdul Kader to step out and I gave a short 5-minute speech and then presented him with the gift-wrapped box. As the lowest ranking member of my staff, I guess he never expected this. I also decided to give him a decent increase in his wages. A man who worked so diligently as he did that too for 20 years, deserved it.