Michael Kors – Stunning Dress Watches and More

In the world of fashion, especially women’s fashion, Michael Kors is one of the top brands that offers high-end fashion items such as ready to wear clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and much more. Folks keeping up with the latest trends in fashion would know that Michael Kors offers some luxurious and extraordinary looking products competing with the top brands in the fashion world.

Being a fashion brand, it offers fashion watches that are stylish rather than accurate. You’d use a Michael Kors timepiece as you would use a piece of jewellery – to accessorise your outfit. The brand focuses on creating exclusive products for the modern woman. That however, does not mean Michael Kors does not produce wrist watches for men. Michael Kors has created some amazingly stylish timepieces for the gents as well.

Watches are a significant part of the Michael Kors brand and it has been quite successful in selling stylish timepieces under its brand name. As you would have deduced, being a fashion label, they do not have a manufacturing facility and as such Michael Kors does not manufacture its own watches.

Since 2004 however, the brand has partnered with the Fossil Group to design, manufacture and market Michael Kors timepieces. In 2014 the licencing agreement was further extended for another 10 years to continue with the production of timepieces and to expand on the men’s watch segment.

Looking through the wrist watch options from various brands at the City Watches UK store, I found a particularly stunning piece, the Michael Kors Maci Quartz MK2790 Diamond Accents Women’s watch.

With a predominantly pink colour theme the Michael Kors Maci quartz is a pretty timepiece in terms of looks. The gold tone stainless steel case is embellished with diamonds giving it a rich look and feel. The light pink dial gives the watch a warm look and the roman numerals for hour markers gives it a kind of elegance that goes with classic watches.

The Michael Kors Maci Quartz is a watch that could be paired with casual or formal attire. As for the overall construction of the watch, it can be said that quality components go into its making. The pink leather strap beautifully complements the watch face covered with a mineral crystal. A quartz movement ensures accurate time keeping.

Michael Kors is popular with customers looking for affordable yet attractive wrist watches that don’t have too many complications. In fact, Michael Kors is an expert in creating beautiful watch designs keeping with the latest fashion trends.

The Michael Kors Maci Quartz is a truly lovely timepiece that is within budget of ladies looking for an elegant dress watch. Several other beautiful timepieces from Michael Kors are available at https://www.citywatches.co.uk.   Visit the site to pick out one of your choice today.