Hugo Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz 1513543 Men’s Watch: A Functional and Handsome Accessory for the Male Clan

The Hugo Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz 1513543 Men’s Watch, a black dial with the width of 43 mm a quite a large typical of men’s watches and the depth of 11mm. a chunky one with the chronograph quartz movement. The leather strap, a buckle up one is alligator skin like embossed, giving the wearer a taste of ruggedness in the sheer sophistication.Hugo Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz 1513543 Men's Watch

The Hugo Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz 1513543 Men’s Watch is a fully stainless steel watch with the dial cover being a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The 50 meter water resistance limits it to be worn better outside water than inside. The three sub dials measures thirty seconds interval, 30 minutes interval and 1/12th second interval. The movement is decorated with the same attention to detail as its mechanical counterparts. Actually, that’s not quite right; it was finished to a higher standard. The Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz 1513543 Men’s Watch is basically a dress watch with an impressive price tag along it. A watch that can be made a choice to keep a collection of designer brands. The push buttons and the crowns are sleek and do justice to the look. It is like a breath of fresh air with the simple mono chromatic look. It has deft finishing and an impressive performance that do not come with merely the caliber or technology but with looks and style.Chronographs are not just for timing races – they offer many practical uses. Tracking cooking times, parking meters, walks or runs, bike rides, exercise routines, meetings, and guaranteed pizza delivery are often cited. So is determining the shortest commuting route. With your chronograph, you can find out how long an “instant” oil change really takes. Or, try this: when they tell you your table will be ready in five minutes, press the start button. When your wife says she will be ready in five minutes, press the… no, wait, that’s a bad idea.Hugo Boss Orange Analog Quartz 1513004 Men's Watch

The Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz 1513543 Men’s Watch makes the contemporary corporate executive watch an measure every time he is giving to his meetings and rendezvous. Lawyers and others who sell units of time can track billable hours. Legibility – the easy-to-read display of elapsed times – can no longer be taken for granted. In days gone by, manufacturers assumed that chronographs would be used and relied upon, so legible elapsed times were a given. Today, elapsed-time indications are often sacrificed on the altar of fashion. With the Hugo Boss Companion Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch, the manufacturers really did have in mind that there must be the look in the watch that will evoke the customers desire to pick it up in one go. And the very wristwatch does the same from the house of BOSS. A wristwatch with a contrasting dial, which is chronographic, and also is by the fashion house called Hugo Boss Watches giving it an extra edge of class and sophistication. The monochromatic colour scheme adds to the exuberant classiness with the high quality movement from the house, making you arrive in style on time.