Highly Functional and Durable Casio G-Shock Watches


We all know about CASIO’s shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches. They represent the kind of toughness that literally makes something indestructible; still, some among this lot surpass the rest and have ever since, created history in the world of professional wrist wear that do not ask for an arm and a leg.Casio G-Shock MTG-B1000B-1A4JF MT-G Bluetooth Radio Controlled 200M Men's Watch

Mr. Ibe’s dream of “…creating a watch that never breaks” culminated through the G-Shock almost four decades back and over the years, this particular brand of wrist watches has evolved to create some of the most spectacular pieces that encompass all the defining elements of toughness, namely: Electric, gravity, temperature, vibration, water and concussive shocks. The secret is in Casio’s proprietary Alpha-gel that keeps its internal components protected by keeping them suspended within the cases that pertain to Mr. Ibe’s very own mantra – “Never, never give up!” The Casio G-Shock has evolved over the years not just in terms of technicality but also on the esthetic grounds, which are also heavily influenced by technicalities. The MT-G and MG-R series of Casio G-Shock watches stand evidence to it; they replaced resin as their case material and gave way to steel and titanium, taking toughness to inane levels! 

Today’s G-Shock is vastly different from the lot belonging to the ’80s; even ‘90s! Advanced technologies like the GPS Hybrid Wave-Ceptor, Radio-control, solar power and automatic LED have made them as user-friendly as a watch can ever be! Plus, they pack inside a vast number of functions indispensable when you are out into the fields. Casio Quartz LTP-VT01D-4B LTPVT01D-4B Analog Women's WatchThese include world time, DST, multiple alarms, digital stopwatch, countdown timer and perpetual calendar and their esthetics are nothing that looks alike to any other! The multi-dimensional depths of the dials are a distinctive feature that sets the modern-age G-Shocks apart and way ahead from their predecessors. This helped G-Shock a choice for the younger generations and also a substantial piece of functional accessory for the grown-ups alike, who always prefer to stick to the latest of world trends. From the Sky Cockpit to the Master of G, Mudmaster ; you can get them downright dirty and yet buff them up for an evening in the town when you are done with your dirt and sludge business.

G-Shock started using carbon as the bezel material for some of its models and the G-STEEL series is the first one to see this introduction, but Casio never ceases to take you by surprise! The new MR-G with a Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber band is one of those marvels that deliver a high durability along with a soft feel. If you ever wanted an accessory with the traditional Japanese Bishamon Kikko pattern, this MR-G from Casio G-Shock is going to fit your choice.

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