G-Shock Casio Standard Analog Digital GA-100B-4A Captivating Robustness to the Limits


G-SHOCK, the watch that brought the new concept of roughness to the chronometer, began with a uncontrolled dispute to the conservative wisdom of the day, a developer’s belief that it was feasible to assemble a watch that wouldn’t shatter,even if dropped. Project Team Tough was shaped to build it in 1981. The team created over 200 models one after another over a phase of about two years.

Casio G-Shock GA-100B-4A Analog-Digital Mens WatchThey lastly arrived at a shock-resistant configuration. This marked the origin of a expertise that is tough to the core. And G-SHOCK has sustained its continuous development ever since, in hunt of greater robustness in every respect, from structure and materials to functions. Today, the development team’s fervent challenge and constant efforts have reached completion in Triple G Resist, a formation with the strength to withstand 3 types of gravitational acceleration. In its chase of comfort under any circumstances, moreover, G-SHOCK realized setting up of Smart Access, a system assuring responsive, reliable functionality. Stronger than ever, and targeting even superior potency, G-SHOCK’s challenge is never-ending.
The Story Behind G-Shock.” In it, Ibe-san explains why and how the G-Shock came to be. Moreover, how he and his team could conquer the countless challenges that it meant to develop the world’s first “watch, so durable it wouldn’t break even when dropped”. In the early ’80s – that was Mr. Ibe’s mission statement after he dropped and broke a watch he received as a gift from his father.

Casio Quartz LTP-VT01D-1B LTPVT01D-1B Analog Women's WatchAfter two years of painstaking trial and error, and at a time when he was nearly ready to give up, he came upon a child playing with a ball – and that, as he puts it, resulted in a dramatic shift towards the solution. This G-Shock Casio Standard Analog Digital GA-100B-4A is resin based watch which can be found with two color combinations. One is red and black and the other is white and black. The watch case and the bracelet are made of resin. The watch is a simple analog watch with digital display along with chronological display. As g-shock, promises, this watch too is magnetic resistant and shock resistant. The dial case has mineral crystal and is up to 200 meters of water resistant. It has an all matte finish too. The watch has amber led back light to be seen in the dark with world timer with 29 times it also has a 1/1000 second stop watch. Along with these features the watch also possess a full auto calendar till 2099, 5 daily alarms, countdown timer and day light saving on/off and time swapping facilities between the home city and preferred time zone.
The Casio g-shock analog watch has become the icon of the youth culture and a youth trademark. It has been able to make mark in the Basel world but certainly, it is not a dress watch that you can wear it to your office or workplace. This new analog g-shock has the kiddies look which can be carried up to the colleges and high schools only.

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