Designer Watches from Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Last week, I took my son to the dentist for a check-up. Several patients were waiting their turn and we joined the wait. To pass the time, I picked up a fashion magazine and began reading. Now, I am not much into the current styles and trends; in fact, my connection with the fashion world is limited at best. The fashion magazine I was reading had several ads from various designer labels displaying clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories.

One such glossy ad caught my attention. It was a beautiful and elegant ladies’ wrist watch from Michael Kors. For those who keep up with the fashion trends, Michael Kors is a familiar name, but not so for me. But the watch was so attractive that I decided to check out the Michael Kors brand in detail. The Internet is a vast storehouse of information, so having some time on my hands (no pun intended), I took out my mobile phone and began my research.

My research into the Michael Kors brand led me to its detailed history. Michael Kors who is the founder of the brand launched the Michael Kors women’s label in 1981. He created and marketed women’s ready-to-wear clothes which became an instant hit with the public. In 2004, Michael Kors launched his collection of accessories and apparel. The collection was expanded to include handbags, swimwear, jeans and shoes. In the same year the brand partnered with the Fossil group to produce luxury watches. I think this was a natural progression as the company realised that a watch forms an important part of a person’s wardrobe. 

Being a fashion label mainly focusing on women’s fashion, Michael Kors creates elegant looking watches for the fashion-conscious clientele. The brand particularly focuses on creating luxurious fashion accessories and when it comes to women’s wrist watches, the designs are particularly graceful and stylish. Wrist watches from Michael Kors feature a distinctive style with an upbeat and modern design.

Michael Kors Coming to the beautiful women’s watch that caught my eye in the magazine ad, I discovered that it was the Michael Kors Portia MK4352 Diamond Accents Quartz Women’s Watch. The Michael Kors Portia is a beautiful timepiece. It’s a simple design that exudes elegance in the silver white dial and diamond accents. The diamond detailing carries on to the two-tone stainless-steel bracelet. A quartz movement keeps the watch ticking while a mineral crystal protects the dial and face. The solid case back ensures that it is resistant to the occasional water splashes.

Watch collectors might dismiss the Michael Kors brand as lacking in the technical field although the fashion world considers it as a top-notch brand. In my opinion though, Michael Kors makes some great looking watches with superb designs. The MK Portia is available at £ 173 with which, I think is a fair price to pay for a great looking watch.