Seiko Automatic Watch Collection

A review of  Seiko automatic watch mechanism

The Seiko automatic watch collection is actually powered by the now well-known 7S26 21 Jewel automatic movements. Seiko automatic watches power themselves by the motion of your body. Contrary to the Seiko Kinetic watch collection, there is an automatic winding mechanism but then it does not need any hacking or hand winding to get the watch started. The Seiko automatic watch needs just to be set at the correct time and given a shake to charge up and gives you the most accurate and reliable time.

Seiko Automatic watches are very durable and its robustness will make this Seiko watch model run for more than a decade without fault. This Seiko automatic mechanism rivals its competitors and delivers at a lower cost price than other models. Popular Seiko automatic watches are the Seiko Automatic Monster series model SKA779 & SKX781.

These Seiko automatic watches are cheap and affordable and the prices do not do justice to the awesome technology that they carry.

Seiko Automatic Collection

Seiko Automatic Collection